Medical Management And Drug Therapy At Raintree Medical & Chiropractic Center

raintreechiro-medical-management-and-drug-therapyAt Raintree Medical & Chiropractic Center, our healthcare professionals are primary care providers who take a holistic approach to your family’s health care, so you get the best total solutions for your health care needs from a practice that gets to know you and your specific case. Whether you’re dealing with musculoskeletal injuries, a disease that requires ongoing treatment and management, or another type of medical disorder that requires drug therapy for treatment, the team at Raintree Medical & Chiropractic Center will find the best treatment options for you and monitor your progress to make sure you stay safe and healthy. We work together across disciplines within our Lee’s Summit health care center, in order to consider all the avenues available for treatment, and create a course of treatment that is specifically targeted to address your individual health issues, medical history, lifestyle, and overall condition.

    • High Blood Pressure – One very common reason for patients to need drug therapy is high blood pressure. In some cases, this may be caused by being overweight or out of shape, and in those cases, we offer weight management services, including nutritional counseling, in addition to drug therapy. In other cases, high blood pressure may be caused by some other medical condition. The team at Raintree Medical will work to uncover the source of your high blood pressure and formulate a course of treatment that will bring your blood pressure back under control and address the underlying cause.


    • Diabetes – For both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, maintaining good overall health depends on careful monitoring and may also require ongoing drug therapy in order to prevent diabetes from causing additional health problems like organ damage. In certain cases, diabetes can be reversed with proper nutrition and weight loss. The primary care providers at Raintree Medical will work with you to achieve and maintain the best health possible for your specific condition.


    • High Cholesterol – In many cases, treating high cholesterol takes a multi-pronged plan of attack. Obviously, drug therapy is one of the options, and having regular follow-ups is essential to make sure that the drug therapy is working as intended and not causing unwanted side effects. For some patients, diet, smoking or insufficient exercise may also contribute to the problem, so our health care professionals offer nutritional counseling, weight management services, smoking cessation counseling and medical management, in order to help every patient achieve the best outcome possible.


    • Pain Management – Chronic pain can result from injuries, disease, or other types of disorders; while many pain sources can be eliminated, some can’t. Our caring primary care providers will work to identify the cause or causes of your pain and offer you immediate relief. Then, they’ll use diagnostic tools like medical imaging to determine whether the cause of your pain can be corrected or diminished, and develop a treatment plan with you.


Primary Care Providers With A Total Approach

At Raintree Medical & Chiropractic Center, Lee’s Summit families will find a primary care provider for everyone, along with testing, diagnostic services, sports medicine and rehabilitation, and Chiropractic care, all in one convenient location. Contact our office for an appointment and enjoy the simplicity of working with our primary care providers.


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