spinal_degeneration_2Massage therapy is a systematic manipulation of soft tissues for the goal of normalizing them. Practitioners primarily use their hands, in some cases, they may use their forearms and elbows. Therapists use a variety of physical methods including applying locked or movable pressure, holding, or causing movement to the body. The primary goal of massage therapy is to help the body to cure itself and to positively influence the overall health and well-being of the client.

Touch is the essential element of massage therapy. Therapists are using different kinds of approach to massage and use their sense of touch to control the right amount of pressure to detect the areas of tension and other issues.

All of the techniques are used for the aid of the nervous, circulatory-lymphatic, musculoskeletal, and other systems of the body. It has been proven beneficial in treating high blood pressure, sleep disorders, fatigue, and depression to name a few.

Waste products such as lactic acid tend to accumulate when muscle are overworked, which leads to stiffness, soreness, and even muscle spasm.

 What are the Common Issues We Treat with Therapeutic Massage:

  • Headaches
  • Acute and Chronic Neck/Back Pain
  • Vehicle Accidents
  • Postural Dysfunction
  • Soft Tissue Trauma
  • Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome
  • Cramps, Strains, and Muscle Pains

What Can I Expect in a First Massage Therapy Visit?

Normally, a massage takes place with the client undressed, only to their own comfort level. Only the area being treated will be undraped. Still, always remember for many circumstances, working directly on the client’s skin will provide the best possible treatment.

Once the client’s issue has been determined, the massage will begin. A gel or a light oil will be used to avert too much friction to the skin. Throughout the massage, concentrate your attention on breathing deeply and slowly. Allow yourself to relax as completely as possible by closing your eyes.

After the massage, it is essential to drink enough water to help get rid any toxins that have been excreted from the client’s soft tissue during the massage. Results can be noticed even within the session and will continue after the session has ended.