After an auto accident, it is important to immediately see a medical professional. Even if you feel you have not been injured, a medical professional will perform a complete examination to determine if you have suffered injuries that you may not be feeling symptoms from directly following the auto accident.

auto-accidentPatients often feel their options for care are limited after an auto accident. People without health insurance may think they cannot get treatment for their injuries without a heavy financial burden. At Raintree Medical and Chiropractic Center, we treat auto accident injuries on a medical lien basis. This means you can receive the treatment needed, with little to no out of pocket cost to you. We will not collect our bill until your auto accident case settles. We will work with you, your auto insurance company, the at-fault auto insurance company and/or your attorney to get your claim settled in a timely manner. This way you can get the care you need when you need it. Most medical care physicians want to get their bills paid up front. Most car wreck victims simply cannot afford to do this, which makes Raintree Medical and Chiropractic Center stand apart from other healthcare providers.

We offer both Primary Care services which could include, anti-inflammatory medications, pain medication, trigger point injections, minor wound care, and complete examinations in addition to Chiropractic Care which could include, gentle spinal adjustments, x-rays, cold laser, ultrasound, Kinesio tape, traction, therapeutic exercise, and spinal decompression. We also have licensed massage therapists to ease the muscle pain, inflammation, and tension to help you recover from your injuries quicker. Chiropractic treatment is a successful treatment for reducing the long-term symptoms of whiplash when combined with massage therapy, and exercise rehab, as well as other gentle tissue rehabs.

A number of attorneys refer patients to our office because of our ability to treat the whole person with effective, medically necessary treatment. At any time during your treatment, if you feel attorney representation may be needed, we can provide you with a list of attorneys who work with us.